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31 December 2009 @ 12:27 am
{drabble} Defiance  
Title: Defiance
Author: asianchik92 
Pairing: Yoomin, OT5
Genre: Angst?
Summary: A curtain was all that was keeping him from the rest of his family.

Changmin could never be too careful. He sat in a chair with one of their Korean staff doing his hair. Yunho sat next to him fiddling with his cellphone. Two guards stood behind them looking sternly at the cellphone. Changmin felt congested, the type of congested that only comes when you’re in a car and the air is too warm. He felt like his family was being forced apart from each other. His brothers, his friends, His lover. Not being allowed to speak, to look, to do anything out of order, the only thing keeping them away from each other was one curtain, a fucking flimsy curtain. For a second Changmin wanted all the publicity to go away, he wanted the lawsuit to go away. He wanted his family back. But life sure had a way of punching him in the gut.

     Yoochun used to tell him, on cloudless nights with the moonlight gracing the white blankets and the pale skin of his older band mate. "I went through so many hard times in Virginia, that now this is heaven." He typically accentuated that with a kiss and his fingers doing something that would most likely send him to hell.

    Changmin remembered when he was allowed to touch, see and speak with the others. Random harmonizations, burnt pots– curtsey of Junsu– and quiet squabbles between Yoochun and Jaejoong over whose turn it was to use the piano. He remembered the time he played the best prank in the world, science projects and Junsu don't mix. He remembered staying up all night, in an uncomfortable hospital chair looking at a pale leader, the same leader that was now looking at him from the chair next to his with dark circles underneath his eyes. Changmin mentally reminded himself to get these make-up artists gifts for the holidays, they did wonders in removing small traces of their sleepless nights, their constant worry, and the fact they were able to make them look good even though they were at their worst.

    Changmin remembered smacking their lead singer, only to get a smack in return. He remembered the pots and pans, the smell of delicious kimchi jjigae that Jaejoong used to make. It seems to have paid to have eight sisters. Having a person dote over him when he was sick, going shopping with him. He would never look at a small bottle of soy sauce the same again. He remembered when he walked in, their manager behind him, holding a traffic ticket. He remember the fact that Jaejoong was stuck at home after the DUI, never doing anything but making music and sleeping. He remembered the amount of times he used Jaejoong as his pillow, while he was watching T.V. He could still remember the feeling of how his hands wove through his hair.

    Changmin laughed quietly as he thought of the smile-est member. With the IQ of a dolphin, the one that never failed to look like a child and lighten up the mood. Now, Changmin watched as the smile looked dull, and the child-like attitude was gone. ‘Kamo Come on!’ Oyaji gags now said by anyone else now wanted to make him cry.

    Glancing over at Yunho once his hair and makeup was finished he saw something flash brightly though them. He would let Yunho do whatever he was planning, for he could weasel his way out with the company, but he was only staying because of him, Changmin. He understood then. He might still be part of their company, they might still be forced to live like they were in a prison. But nobody. He repeated in his head. Nobody is going to break apart my family.


A/N: I wrote this right now remembering how the five boys looked at kohaku uta gasen.. the pictures show that they are not smiling. at all. and aparently they had body guards not letting them do anything. but at the end when they talk you see the standing order is mess up slightly which made me think of defiance.

Truthfully i tried to lighten up the mood... didn't work out to well... the science project is reference to another story i did for the last silent fire.. so read that... it is on my journal as well as on hushedembers.. :D

and as always Comments, Critic, Random Babblings all appreciated.
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kangteukiekangteukie on December 31st, 2009 11:55 am (UTC)
ahhh i loved it!
LOL@ changmin thinking of all the things he used to do with his hyungs.
i wished the five were together again :(
i missed DBSK
choikang: Eatpawshingo on January 1st, 2010 01:43 am (UTC)
I saw the kohaku uta gassen and felt sad too! Min looked miserable, he didn't bother to sing the ending bit properly and looked like he just wanted to get the hell out of there! During the result waiting and after, only Jae smiled a bit and so did Yunho (they stood at each end) and the 3 in the middle looked utterly DEAD! What a way to usher the new year...*sniffs*