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20 February 2010 @ 01:06 pm
Entry 17 - FF - 07  
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[FF - 07]


Title:  Mr. Robin Hood.
Pairing:  Changmin/Yoochun
Genre: Romance, angst.
Rating: R



It was a red sky morning to which Yoochun was caught smoking weed. He tells them it wasn’t a big deal, everybody nowadays is doing it and that they shouldn’t get their panties in a knot. But of course, did they listen? No. And Yoochun had to roll his eyes amidst the high flight feeling that he’s experiencing after both his arms were pulled and dragged away from his sanctuary.

The punishment he thought weren’t so bad. He looked up to all 4 storey of pointy roof and stained windows with a cigarette in hand.

‘At least I have something to do in this hell hole’, Yoochun shrugged.

That feeling of gratefulness he once had had long disappeared with his naivety. After all, all he had to do was scrub the church with a toothbrush in hand. It was quiet, a good place for him to sort out his thoughts. But then again, he didn’t have any thoughts to begin with.

Yoochun heaved a sigh of determination and went into the dilapidated church. No longer did the dustiness and eeriness of the old church scare him. The tales they were often told as kids meant to frightened souls were thrown in the far depths of his mind.

The dim lighted aisle of the church seemed friendly, as though they were welcoming him into their humble abode. Yoochun smiled and began his work. His low baritone hum resounded in the round walls of the church. The soft vibrations in his throat blocking off any sound from the roaring rain in the dead of the night outside.  

Yoochun decided to take a break and laid down in one of the benches sighing again before unconsciously drifting off to a much needed sleep. He groaned when he was splashed with cold water straight on his face. The blinding sunlight didn’t help much either.

“We are sending you to counselling at 2 o’clock today at the detention room, no buts.” Sister Maria went away after repeating the message a second time to Yoochun.




“Only 30 more minutes to go before my jail sentence, might as well celebrate it.” Yoochun did a little cheer and laughed inwardly to himself and spent that precious 30 minutes walking down the too familiar corridors in hope of finding something else in turn.

His ears twitched when he heard the soft buzzing sounds of a television somewhere. He perked up and walked towards that direction. He stood by the windowsill and watched as the anchorwoman spoke about a likely Robin Hood in the vicinity.

“Good to know people still care.” He chuckled and found his legs walking into the detention room unconcerned about the outside world since he would never be outside, so why start now?

Yoochun lazily drummed the table in boredom as he waited for whoever he was supposed to be waiting for and sighed an exasperated sigh.

“Why the long face?” Yoochuns eyes trailed up those never-ending legs and those oh so delicious waistline and gulped when he saw how perfect his broad shoulders, thin lips, sharp nose and mismatched eyes would fit with him in the picture.

“Why the question?” Yoochun retorted back while seemingly trying to professionally act like his presence doesn’t bother him at all, nope they didn’t, none whatsoever ... or so he thought. 

“It’s said to be therapeutic.” His lips curved upwards into a dazzling smile accompanied by those mismatched eyes Yoochun’s grown fond of.

“In what sense?”

“It breaks all tension.”

“You sure you’re the freak I’m supposed to get miraculously ‘well’ from?”

“Ah~ Birds of a feather flock together don’t they?” He chuckled, showing again those mismatched eyes Yoochun’s certain he’s infatuated now.

“Hmm...Let’s see ya? Smoking weed isn’t one of your life’s surprises is it?” Yoochun smirked, amused.

“Ah wells, let’s just say I’m too smart for my own good.” He winked.

In the back of Yoochun’s mind, he wasn’t so sure either of them is sane anymore.




“That’s all for today. See you tomorrow chunnie~” He purred.

Yoochun nearly choked on his drink when he heard that rather intimate nickname being called out by him.

“W-wha?! You don’t even know me!” Yoochun protested but deep down in his heart, he knew nobody would ever call him this intimately, ever and this just might be what he’s been looking for all this time.

“Oh! But you know me~ I’m Shim Changmin by the way.” Another wink and he’s off.

Yoochun facepalmed himself when he realizes he’s going to have Shim Changmin- Shim Changmin, Yoochun tries to speak his name oh how it rolled off his tongue in lightning speed, leaving a very sweet aftertaste (besides the bitter taste of crack, smoke and prayers, yuck.) and he sighs as he traced the outline of Changmin’s face onto the graffiti drawn table hoping his photographic memory won’t fail him this time but truth be told, he doesn’t need all that to remember Changmin, he already do.

All that remains of the faceplaming was converted into long sighs of longing after Yoochun realizes for the second time that they still have many more days together.  All’s well that ends well.




It felt like months till the next visit yet it has only been a few days. Yoochun bit back a groan of despair after looking at the antique clock on the wall. Since time waits for no man, Yoochun decided to cheat his time by wasting it.

Yoochun wondered aimlessly until he grew restless and decided to sit down and watch whatever’s on the television and it happens that he found something oddly captivating on the news; the re-enactment of a real life Robin Hood.

Yoochun chuckled but stayed glued to his seat. He founded it weird that Mr. Robin Hood only gives his catch of the day to orphans... and the weak smile on Yoochun’s face faded to a non-existent straight line.

Yet the weirdest part, Yoochun got to admit was the fact that he gave it to orphans, yes but on their birthdays... He literally gate crashes the party to give them the ridiculously priced stolen goods.

Yoochun laid back into the comfort of his seat and stared long and hard at the hazy masked appearance of this thief in the night. His eyebrows crunched together in deep concentration as he stroked his chin with a small peak of his pink tongue sticking out; an annoying habit he didn’t bother to fix.

The dazzling robber looked bizarrely familiar. Out of a sudden, Yoochun shuddered and his hair stood on its end, déjà vu.

So Yoochun’s back where he started- in the church alone with his toothbrush, scrubbing the second half of his punishment on the third level. His mind wondered off to the mysterious man in the news and he strained his brain cells into remembering the similarities... but between whom?

Yoochun slept well that night. He dreamt of candles and birthday cakes surrounded by well made stuffed toys and streamers but the best part was when he was dancing happily while being serenaded by Mr. Robin Hood.

His voice made the most calming and melting effect on Yoochun till today and he could have sworn it was somebody he knew yet he couldn’t put a finger on it.




“Slept well Chunnie? You look refreshed today.” Changmin took a seat opposite Yoochun and grinned.

Yoochun scowled but didn’t rebut.

“Still having hard feelings eh? But don’t worry; I will cure it for you soon.” Changmin batted his eyelashes mockingly.

“You wouldn’t change a thing.” Yoochun finally spoke.

“ooo~ touchy~ but I’m pretty sure lady luck is shining on me especially if it’s from you milady.” Changmin chuckled and Yoochun couldn’t help but snicker at his self-proclamation.

 “Go fuck yourself.”

“I would if I could. You know how I love myself. I would even clone myself if I have too but sadly, I don’t have the resources too.” Changmin faked a tear that made bile rise to Yoochun’s throat.

“Now, I’m very sure you’re just here to mess up with my brain and not to help me.”

“But I AM here to help you. Its helping isn’t it? You haven’t been smoking since forever now.” Changmin banged the table slightly in a cute pout.

“HAH! It’s only been what? 4 days? I have been through a week without drugs.” Yoochun rolled his eyes and snorted.

“I see~ but good progress nonetheless.” Changmin smiled and ruffled Yoochun’s hair.

Yoochun glared at the sudden action and attempted to restyle his hair.

“Your hair’s nicer like this.” He smiled the smile Yoochun loved so much that he stopped and dropped his arms into a tight lock of arms by his side with a fume.

“See? You look so cute now.” Yoochun had to bite his inner cheek to stop himself from smiling along.

“Whatever.” Yoochun dismisses it with a turn of his body. Well, just to hide the fact that he’s smiling along now too.

They chatted to what Changmin called a ‘cure’ to Yoochun’s problem and finally, the counselling for the day ends.

Yoochun tries not to show too much that he would be anticipating the next visit and so he leaves straight after the bell.




Yoochun thinks he’s going through cold turkey but just for a different reason. He’s craving Changmin’s touches and his idiotic words so much that he’s miserable.

To fight off this intense feeling, Yoochun find himself at the exact spot, at the exact time as the other day. Things weren’t so different anyways. More places were being bombed, people were being murdered and Mr. Robin Hood was still hot topic in town.

Yoochun found himself enthralled by the smooth features of the high class masked robber. Each time he sees him, he finds himself falling deeper and deeper into that eyes...

“Why does he seem so familiar?! Just who is he?” Yoochun head-desked himself each time he fails to remember. Yoochun gives up and throw his arms in the air as a sign of defeat each time it happens and pouts in despair.

He pouts and snaps at anyone that ticked him off even a little all the way till his next counselling session because it was all Mr. Robin Hood fault that he hadn’t enough sleep to dream about Changmin, no wait! Mr. Robin Hood.

“Why are you looking so grumpy today chunnie?” Changmin blinks.

“Hadn’t had enough sleep. It’s insomnia.” Yoochun growled.

“Were you thinking about me to the point where it’s hard to sleep?” There goes Changmin’s teasing again which made Yoochun purse his lips even more.

“You wish.” Changmin wasn’t right nor was he correct.

“Ahh~ anyways, if you have insomnia again, don’t hesitate to call me~ I can always sing you a lullaby to sleep.” Changmin chuckled while making cooing noises at Yoochun.

“I don’t even know your number.”

Changmin made a dramatic gasp and said, “So you DO want my number.”

“I’m just following therapy Mr. Shim Changmin.”

“Whatever you say milady~” But still Yoochun accepted the well written number on a perfectly cut card, full with lemon scents and everything. 

“When’s your birthday chunnie?” Changmin asked out of the blue.

“4th June. Why?” Yoochun answered without hesitation.

“Wow. You answered fast. I didn’t think you were so eager.” Changmin raised an eyebrow.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“...Because it’s part of the therapy?” Changmin shrugged.

“When’s yours?” It was Yoochun’s turn to ask.

Changmin’s face immediately turned 180 degrees and his face turned solemn. “...I-I don’t know.” Yoochun was startled by his answer and was shocked by his expression. This was the first time seeing Changmin liked that.

“What do you mean you don-“ His words were cut off when Changmin interrupted, “I don’t know my parents. I don’t even have a family.” Silence filled the air after that statement was spoken.

Yoochun was about to say something when Changmin continued, “...I decided that time...” Changmin turned to smile weakly at Yoochun, “I want to create my own birthdate when I find my other half... maybe then will I truly be able to find joy about the existence of my birth.”

Yoochun gaped but closed his mouth from saying any redundant things. Yoochun let a relieved sigh when the bell rang, piercing through the suffocating silence after that unexpected confession by Changmin.

“I guess this is goodbye for today. Bye Yoochun.” Changmin got up from his seat and straighten out the creases of his pants and dusted off the small particles from the old classroom.

“G-Good luck.” Yoochun managed to choke out, his voice breaking at some point. Yoochun didn’t know why he said that. It just felt right. Changmin stop in his tracks but didn’t turn back to acknowledge anything. He gave a quiet grunt and continued on walking out.

Yoochun could only stare at the now emptied hallway and felt a small pang where Changmin’s spot in his heart is in.




Changmin hasn’t come back for 6 counselling sessions and Yoochun’s rolling his body on his bed, awake. He couldn’t sleep partially thinking about Changmin and of course, Robin Hood. Each time he asked the sisters why counselling sessions with Changmin were cancelled, they would always tell him the same thing; “He’s got other things to attend to rather than you.”

Yoochun would then start to hit anything on the wall or the windows and he’s forced to learn his lesson the hard way but maybe that’s all he needed, something distracting. Yoochun stared at the cloth and a pail of water in his hands. He felt numb. Now, there’s nothing holding Changmin back from him. No more drugs, no more troublemaker.

Days went pass with Yoochun breaking something or bullying other children in the orphanage just so he could get his punishments in forms of long-term cleaning so that he wouldn’t think of Changmin until his hands were no longer distinguishable. They are so calloused and dry that it hurts to touch.

Mr. Robin Hood wasn’t doing anything good to him either. Yoochun decided to his identity into his curriculum and started collecting articles about him. Finding out bits and pieces of that familiarity he sees in another vague picture in his head, in hoping of finding out the real him.

Yoochun contemplated taking up drugs again, just so he could see Changmin again but his heavy heart protested madly. Seeing Changmin again is going to affect that one thing he had with him. He can’t afford to lose that solitary brilliant moment in his life because of his selfish desires. Worst thing that could happen is Changmin despising him to the core. Yoochun just couldn’t take that kind of self inflicted injury so; he shuts himself and lives his life wordlessly.

In a blink of an eye, it’s Yoochun’s birthday. For once, he could see the sisters smiling at him and telling him that because of him, the place was sparkly clean and it was great to see him drugs-free and quiet. Yoochun just smiled knowingly, accepting the quick hugs and handshakes of the people that actually bothered to come and celebrate.

Yoochun wasn’t exactly the epitome of the best lovable character there is but they could live with that for a day. After attending the mass during the day, they all went into the huge garden filled with streamers and flowers and banners with his name printed in bold.

Yoochun was grateful that he had people that cared to put up such events for him. The thought of Changmin came to him when he was asked to cut the cake. “Has he ever got the opportunity to cut cakes and have people celebrating it with him?” Yoochun thought to himself and he smiled sadly. Its times like this that made him realize just how fortunate he is to be around people that gave him a purpose in life, even a tiny bit.

Yoochun took in a deep breath and blew the candles away with his wish. “I want to see Changmin.”

Then, it was time for him to open up the few presents laid for him on the small clothed table. He smiled brightly at it and shook the contents of it. All kinds of things were in it. Some were teddy bears, chocolates, albums and whatnot. But the most intriguing one Yoochun admits was this small lemon scented card amongst the other big presents saying, “Meet me tonight at the old church.”

Yoochun instinctively turned left and right to catch a glimpse of the sender but all he could see were children and old adults eating and chatting. Yoochun’s back slumped evidently but he slowly recovered when he stops to think that maybe, just maybe his little wish would be granted after all.

And so he went, after they finish packing up and had said their goodbyes, to the old church where he cleaned when he got caught for the first time and oh... Changmin. Yoochun’s forehead crunched in messy lines and he felt his heart crunching slightly. They were no sign of anybody anywhere.

Yoochun gripped the card in his hands tightly till it crushes and waited adamantly on one of the benches. Yoochun was drifting in and out of consciousness when he saw a black shadow looming over him. Yoochun spun around in record time, desperately hoping that lord; let it be him, Changmin.

To his utmost surprise, it was Mr. Robin Hood.

Yoochun eyes grew wide in shape of saucers but he kept his ground. “W-what are you doing here?” Yoochun stammered.

He didn’t say a word and held out something in his hands, a lemon scented card with numbers on it. Yoochun slowly took the card and examined it. The numbers...OH.MY.GOD THE NUMBERS!

Yoochun furiously ransacked through all his pockets and picked up something that fell out of one of the pockets. It was the same numbers that Changmin personally gave to him on the last counselling session.

Yoochun fumbled to take out his handphone and punched in the numbers with quivering hands. The line on the other hand was ringing and with every second, Yoochun’s heart beats faster and faster till he thinks it’s going to explode if he didn’t do anything to calm it down.

Yoochun stared at the masked robber, his masked robber now and was horror-stricken when he fished out his handphone and flipped it open, answering, “Hello?”

Tears began to run down Yoochun’s pale cheeks freely and he had to stifle a sob when he answered the call, choking in the process. “I-It’s yo-you...”

“Missed me chunnie babe~?” Mr Robin Hood, NO, it’s Shim Changmin now grinned like a Cheshire cat at the sobbing frame.

Yoochun threw himself to Changmin’s embrace, not caring if his whole body weight would come down with them. “You asshole!”

 Yoochun cried, fresh tears streaming down his flushed cheeks and soaked into Changmin’s ridiculous costume. Changmin didn’t retort or mind one bit when Yoochun started hitting his chest using those small fists of his, at least in Changmin’s eyes.

Changmin hummed and swayed their bodies softly to the silent music in the church, calming the shaking Yoochun in his hands. Little by little, Yoochun’s wailing came to a halt and he looked up to Changmin.

“Is it really you?” Yoochun’s tear glistened eyes looked deep into Changmin’s mismatched ones.

“You doubt me?”

Changmin loosen his hold as Yoochun fidgeted in his embrace, finally freeing his hands. With trembling fingers, Yoochun hesitantly came closer to the mask which holds all the answers he has been looking for all this while.

Yoochun’s afraid that all this might just be his delusional thinking and that when he wakes up the next day, all traces of today ever happening will disappear into thin air. Yoochun doesn’t think he can take that kind of emotional stress and so he stops halfway. He doesn’t think he can continue any further.

Changmin frowned at Yoochun’s peculiar actions. “Isn’t this everything he’s been living for these few months?” “Yoochun.” His usual gentle voice diminished. “Take the mask away or forever hold your peace.” It was more of a command than a demand and Yoochun complies with a jolt.

The mask melted with Yoochun’s touch as if it was waiting for him to come and take it off for him. As soon as it was off, Changmin held Yoochun’s lithe body closer to his broad chest and whispered in his ear, teasing.

“Like what you see chunnie~?” His velvety voice oh so seductive, hot air blowing sensually into Yoochun’s ear, making him hot and cold at the same time.

Just then, everything came together. “The lemon scented cards, the dreams, the stance, the meaning, the voice and the eyes! How could I forget the eyes?!”

Yoochun hid his face in the crook of Changmin’s neck.

“Seems like you solved out everything by now.” Changmin smiled into Yoochun’s hair.

“You suck.”

“Correction, I suck cock.” Changmin snickered.

“I’m sure you’re good at it too.” Yoochun’s voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Wanna try me?”

“No than-..” But Yoochun’s reply was already muffled by Changmin’s searing kiss. Changmin teasingly nip Yoochun’s lower lip, gaining a yelp from the younger man. Things got heated when Changmin pried open Yoochun’s lips, a moment he had been waiting for since forever and stuck his tongue in a fiery dance battle between the two. Yoochun lost with a sigh.

Cold fingers on skin, tracing each other’s outline, memorizing the curve of their bodies like there’s no tomorrow. Playful bites and moans filled the church with each passing second. Throngs of tongues and lips everywhere were scenes typical enough at the moment.

They didn’t stop. They were charging at each other with full speed, the only friction there were was in between their thighs. In minutes, clothes were strewn everywhere, both of them. Clumsy, inexperienced but gratifyingly satisfying was the sex they couldn’t deny themselves.

Soon, the clouds changed from a dark hue of blackish blue to a beautiful array of colours only seen during sunrise.

Yoochun was curling comfortably in Changmin’s laps, leaning against those strong muscles meant to protect him. They were both revelling in the glory of the after sex in silence. Words were not needed to express the raw emotions both of them were feeding off each other.

 “So was everything a part for your quest to cure me?” Yoochun’s hoarse voice reached the safety of Changmin’s.

“It worked didn’t it?” Changmin teased.

“...So it was all a game to you.” Yoochun barely audible voice struck a bad chord in Changmin’s heart. He didn’t mean it that way.

Changmin reached frantically for the now standing Yoochun. He held his hands tightly in his. Yoochun froze but didn’t turn back to face Changmin.

“...I hope you find your birthdate soon.”

“There’s no need to anymore. I found it already.”

“W-when?” Yoochun asked in a shaky voice, his head spinning incoherently.

“February 18.”

“Then I guess it’s my turn to leave huh... I’m not needed anymore.” Yoochun finally turns to face Changmin with watery eyes and swollen lips. He shushes Changmin with a finger on his lips and asked, “Before I say goodbye ...why that day, why birthdays even?”

This time around, Changmin stared, his gaze unwavering as he caresses Yoochun’s hands lightly.

“Because I figured, birthdays are the starts to my everything ... including you.”

Years and many more from now, nobody can say anything because they both know the deeds done.








feyla: wait here for mefeyla on February 20th, 2010 08:00 pm (UTC)
Interesting~ I liked it, but Changmin's character felt kind of weird. Like usually his and Yoochun's would have been switched. Or something. But either way, it was still good to read ^_^